policies & procedures, Board control & company secretarial, strategy & integration

Keeping your corporate affairs in order is akin to keeping a clean house. But is your house really in order? When core business is a priority, finding time to 'keep house' can be challenging, We let you focus on the important stuff by managing your corporate affairs and handling your governance matters. We offer a wide variety of services that we tailor specifically to the needs of our clients.

policies & procedures

We work with you and your teams to develop compliance policies, workplace policies and procedures and social equality policies. Policies we've developed include:

  • Confidentiality policies
  • Data handling policies
  • IT policies
  • Social Media policies
  • Privacy policies
  • Buy local policies

board Control & Company Secretarial duties

We assist your Board with company governance and company secretarial duties on an as needs basis and provide training to Boards and Executives.

strategy & integration

Efficiency and full integration of your lines of business means better productivity and staff engagement. We provide advice and recommendations on how your team members can improve the way they interrelate with other internal lines of business (or your external service providers) so that they ultimately add value to your business. We offer a variety of solutions for your business including:

  • advising you on the best structures for your lines of business;
  • setting policies and procedures for the engagement of stakeholders;
  • setting policies and procedures for the engagement of legal advisers;
  • managing the engagement of your internal legal team; and
  • managing your use of external legal advisers.