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At Elisian, our lawyers are uniquely placed to assist your business. They have worked across a broad range of sectors and in differing capacities be that independent barrister, in-house adviser or private practitioner. 

Our team regularly advises government, ASX corporations, multi-national businesses and SME's. Because the work we do is complex, high value and of strategic importance to our clients, all legal matters are managed and run by our highly experienced Legal Practice Directors. Our clients know and expect that only our most experienced senior Legal Practice Directors will assist them with their legal matters. 

We offer our clients a broad range of services. More information about the services we offer and our practice areas are detailed below.

procurement  -  contracts  -  TECH LAW  -  MAJOR PROJECTS  -  IP

We specialise in procurement, contracts law, technology law, major projects and intellectual property. Our skilled team of lawyers can prepare, draft or advise your business on or in relation to the following matters:

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corporate law  -  commercial law - torts -  INSOLVENCY  -  disputes  -  litigation  -  white collar crime

We also specialise in corporate law, commercial law, insolvency, disputes and white collar crime and advise on, or appear in court, on the following types of matters matters:

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