Why Confidentiality Matters

Most organisations spend an inordinate amount of money protecting their intellectual property assets such as trademarks, domains and patents.

But what often gets neglected is the protection of other intangible assets such as trade secrets, know-how, strategic plans, project plans and acquisitions/takeover strategies.

In a world where the success of a project often comes down to market timing and being first to market, organisations need to have strict rules about how they engage with third parties. This means putting in place effective strategies to manage and protect confidential information.

Organisations also need to have appropriate agreements and policies in place with their employees, agents and contractors.

So what steps is your organisation taking to preserve confidentiality?

Sadly in this world, the reality is that companies need to assume that at some point they will experience some form of corporate espionage or theft of their information.

It follows that confidentiality definitely matters and organisations should take active steps to protect the sanctity of their confidential information.

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Nadia Mansour, Director, Elisian

Nadia is a lawyer who specialises in advising corporations on commercial and corporate legal matters.

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