procurement, supply chain, sourcing, tenders, Request for tender, request for proposal, contracts & contract negotiations

Managing the integrity of your supply chain and vendor management processes and contracts is critical to  your organisation's success.

We help you manage the risks to your business by providing you with our specialist services. Whether you need assistance managing your contracts or need help with putting in place the right strategies, policies, procedures and training, we offer a suite of services to ensure that your business is at the forefront of best practices. 

Our services include:

  • Strategy & Planning

  • Contract Management Services

  • Contract Audits

  • Operational Assessments of Contract and Control Methodologies

  • Supplier Risk Assessments

  • Supplier Compliance Assessments

  • Commercial Terms Management & Negotiation Services

  • Tender Management Services

  • Bid Analysis

  • Procedures, Policies and Practice development

  • Training & Development of Procurement & Contract Management Personnel